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Cutting GHGs will boost Northern Ireland economy

According to a research group at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland’s economy can be boosted by over £12 billion if greenhouse gases are cut.


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Iran Engineers studying energy of wind power

Engineers at Iran University of Science & Technology are studying the “exergy” of wind power. Exergy analysis looks at the "quality" of the energy produced by a system.


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“Electronic glue” for less expensive semiconductors

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory believe that the new “electronic glue” they developed can be used in solar cells and thermoelectric devices to convert sun or waste heat into energy.


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Wind speed declining in the United States

Researchers find that wind speeds are declining in the United States. According to Iowa State University researchers, declining wind speeds in parts of the United States could have an impact on climate as well as on the wind power industry.


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Purdue engineers develop energy-saving method

Purdue engineers have developed an energy-saving method that checks refrigerant levels in air conditioners. The method works by using sensors to monitor the temperature of the refrigerant at various points.


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Ocean acidification leads to US marine revenue loss

According to a new study by researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), changes in ocean chemistry resulting from increased carbon dioxide emissions could cause revenues from shellfish to drop significantly in the next 50 years.


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LayTec provides in-line monitoring for thin film PV

LayTec is providing the first commercial in-line monitoring systems for thin film photovoltaic (PV) applications. It announced the company’s brand-new product line SolR, which can monitor the film thickness of all layers throughout the thin-film PV process.


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Gulf of Mexico dead zone could reach 8,000 square miles

This year’s “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico could be one of the largest on record. The biggest of these oxygen-starved, or hypoxic, regions developed in 2002 and measured 8,484 square miles.


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Mitsubishi develops organic photovoltaic module

Mitsubishi Corporation has developed a highly-integrated organic Photovoltaics (OPV) module.


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Stanford study: imbalance in global fertilizer use

A study by Stanford University shows massive imbalances in global fertilizer use. Concern has been raised as to the unintended costs of fertilizer use to the environment and human health, leading to calls for reduction of use.


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