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Nanomaterial developed to help Australia reduce CO2 emissions

Nanomaterial developed to help Australia reduce CO2 emissions
Developed nanomaterial can reduce emissions of coal-fired power stations

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have developed a new nanomaterial that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power stations.

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The nanomaterial, called a “metal-organic framework,” can separate the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from nitrogen in the waste gas released by coal power generation that is a major contributor to climate change.

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“It’s like a sponge but at a nanoscale. The material has small pores that gas molecules can fit into – a carbon dioxide molecule fits but a nitrogen molecule is slightly too big. That’s how we separate them,” said Associate Professor Christopher Sumby.

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The researchers pointed out that the material that they have developed is much more energy efficiency compared to other current methods of separating carbon dioxide from nitrogen which require a lot of energy and are expensive.

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Associate Professor Sumby noted that the material could be used as it is, but there are probably smarter ways in implementing its benefits.

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“One of the next steps we’re pursuing is taking the material in powder form and dispersing it in a membrane. That may be more practical for industrial use,” added the associate professor.

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Researchers of the study noted that their newly developed material can be used in coal-fired power stations across the world along with their home-country of Australia.

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“Removing carbon dioxide from the flue gas mixture is the focus of a lot of research. Most of Australia’s energy generation still comes from coal. Changing to cleaner energies is not that straightforward but, if we can clean up the emissions, we’ve got a great stop-gap technology,” the associate professor explained. – EcoSeed Staff

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