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Boeing, U.N.S.W. getting hopes up for lighter-weight, more fuel efficient aircraft

Stronger and more lightweight materials could result into more fuel efficient aircraft.

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With the rising concern over aviation industry’s emissions, many major air carriers are seeking to reduce their fossil fuel use – either through the development of alternative fuels or more fuel-efficient aircraft.

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To this extent, air carrier Boeing is looking into new, lighter-weight materials for their aircraft. Boeing Research and Technology is working with aerospace and materials engineers from the University of New South Wales to develop carbon fiber reinforced polymers.

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Carbon fiber reinforced polymers are composite materials that are becoming more and more common in the design of the modern aircraft.

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According to Boeing, composites make up more than 50 percent of the new 787 aircrafts by weight.

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“These materials have excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which is great for aircraft design, but we are still very conservative with our design philosophy,” said Dr. Garth Pearce, a lecturer in the U.N.S.W. School of Mechanical and Manufacturing.

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The research team will study the molecular composition of these materials to better understand their durability and establish a “physics-based method” to determine the onset of failure.

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By being able to better predict when, where and how the materials will fail and crack, the materials can better be used in aircraft design.

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“If we can improve the performance of polymer composites, even marginally, we can have a huge impact on the weight of the next-generation of aeroplanes,” said Mr. Pearce.

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Lighter-weight aircraft would have better fuel efficiency and would also have the capability to carry larger payloads or more passengers. – EcoSeed Staff

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