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Sweet treat inspiring cheaper silicon devices

By Katrice R. Jalbuena

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A sweet treat served as the inspiration for chemists at the University of Michigan to develop a technique to hit a sweet spot in the development of future low-cost and low-carbon technologies.

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Stephen Maldonado, a professor of chemistry and applied physics, along with graduate students Junsi Gu and Eli Fahrenkrug, have developed a way to make crystalline silicon in the same way people have been making rock candy – a treat made from clumps of large sugar crystals - for ages.

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Crystalline silicon is a crucial ingredient of such devices as computers and solar cells, however the material and its manufacture are both expensive and energy intensive.

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"The crystalline silicon in modern electronics is currently made through a series of energy-intensive chemical reactions with temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit that produces a lot of carbon dioxide," said Mr. Maldonado.

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Rock candy, on the other hand, is formed when sugar is added to heated water. The sugar dissolves then reforms into large crystals.

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Mr. Maldonado and his team form their crystalline silicon similarly – but at a higher heat of around 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Instead of sugar and water, they use a solution of silicon tetrachloride, layered over a liquid metal gallium electrode. Electrons from the metal convert the silicon tetrachloride into raw silicon which is then dissolved into the liquid metal.

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When heat is applied to the mixture, dark films of silicon crystals accumulate on the surfaces of the gallium electrodes. So far, Mr. Maldonado reports, the crystals are only around 1/2000th of a millimetre in diameter. They hope to improve the technique and make larger crystals.

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If the approach proves viable, the team feels that it would have huge implications for the solar energy industry which uses a lot of crystalline silicon but at a high cost.

“It’s too premature to estimate precisely how much the process could lower the price of silicon, but the potential for a scalable, dramatically less expensive and more environmentally benign process is there,” said Mr. Maldonado.

The team will continue to explore variations in the process, including the use of lower melting-point alloys. The university is currently pursuing patent protection for the chemist’s findings and seeking commercialization partners to help bring the technology to market. – EcoSeed Staff

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