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Peel-and-stick solar cells can generate power on any surface

Personal devices could soon generate their own power with the use of peel-and-stick solar cells developed by Stanford University and the United States Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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A collaboration between the two institutions has resulted into a thin-film solar cell less than one-micron thick that can be attached to almost any surface.

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Stanford had previously developed the peel-and stick or water-assisted transfer printing technology for nanowire based electronics. The Stanford-NREL partnership applied the technology to thin-film cells.

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NREL has developed amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells that are mounted on nickel-coated Si/SiO2 wafers. These are attached to a silicon substrate with a thermal release tape then dipped in water. The result is a thin strip much like a bumper sticker.

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When exposed to heat for about 90 degrees Celsius for a few seconds, the cells can be peeled off and applied directly to a surface.

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Most thin-film cells must be affixed to a special substrate, but the peel-and-stick approach gets around this and allows the use of flexible polymer substrates and high processing temperatures. The resulting solar cells are lightweight, flexible and transparent.

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These solar cells can then be easily adhered to the surface of buildings or portable devices to provide a ready source of clean power.

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NREL principal scientist Qi Wang and Stanford’s Xiaolin Zheng were the lead researchers in the collaboration. They are going to continue to test peel-and-stick cells in able to offer more power. – Ecoseed Staff

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