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Technology to create and harness tornado for clean energy gets $300,000 startup

A novel technology to generate clean power from man-made “tornados” gets $300,000 in start-up funding from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel through his Breakout Labs program.

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The Atmosphere Vortex Engine, developed by Canadian electrical engineer and entrepreneur Louis Michaud, harnessed the physics of tornados to generate renewable energy at a significantly low-cost.

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It works by using a fan to blow some of the excess heat produced by conventional power plants into a cylindrical hollow tower at an angle. This creates a circular air current that grows stronger as it goes higher, explained Mr. Michaud.

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The higher the current moves, the more energy it generates due to differences in temperature. This results into a controlled man-made tornado. Turbines will then be installed at the bottom of the vortex to create electricity.

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The A.V.E. can create power without releasing carbon emissions and does not require energy storage. Additionally, the cost of energy that A.V.E. produces could be as low as $3 cents per kilowatt hour, making it one of the cheapest forms of energy production.

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Mr. Michaund has been working on this device for several decades, with his company building and successfully testing a small prototype in 2009.

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With a diameter of 100 meters, an average A.V.E. power station could generate up to 200 megawatts of electricity, which is the same capacity of a conventional coal power station.

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The next prototype A. V. E. – with a tower about 131 feet tall and 26-feet in diameter – is set to be built and tested at Lambton College in Ontario. – EcoSeed Staff

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