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Gabon youth hired for green jobs

Green jobs have come to the unemployed youth of Libreville – the capital of Gabon in central Africa – through a United Nations Development Programme-led project on waste management, with the youth working as pre-collectors of household waste in hard-to-reach areas of the city


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Lithium batteries to grow over $ 1 billion by 2018

Lithium-ion batteries is the fastest growing sector among 11 energy storage technologies, and is expected to grow to a $ 1.1 billion business in ten years, according to a new study by Pike Research


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Japanese team-up to give new life to used batteries

Japan’s Nissan Motor Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation have teamed to give used lithium-ion batteries in electric cars a second life by recycling them for other industries


Ireland’s first municipal waste-to-energy facility ready by 2011

Denmark-based Babcock & Wilcox Volund has won a contract from Indaver Group Ireland to supply waste-to-energy combustion technology for a power plant project in Meath


Mitsubishi builds, services combined cycle power plants

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has agreed to build and service combined cycle power plants in Egypt, Turkey, Australia and Argentina for which the company has previously had long term service agreements


Lithium may put Bolivia in the driver’s seat

While electric vehicles, the so-called cars of the future, can help reduce dependence on traditional fuel, it may increase reliance on a metal for which one country holds a monopoly


Winery to produce hydrogen from wastewater

A winery in Oakville, California is adding bacteria and a small amount of electrical energy to its production wastewater to create hydrogen


Geothermal power picks up steam

Solar and wind energy seem the most popular alternative sources of power though geothermal energy is slowly attracting attention from companies that aim to reduce oil dependency and emissions


Opcon employs heat exchanger in energy-to-waste system

Swedish energy company Opcon will use the heat exchanger technology of heat transfer product manufacturer Alfa Laval on its energy-from-waste system, an integration that aims to result in more energy savings for its customers


Geothermal utility completes plant sooner than expected

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. has completed its 49.5-megawatt Faulkner 1 geothermal plant in Blue Mountain Nevada three months ahead of schedule


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