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Largest recycling plant to process 2 billion plastic bottles a year

Plastic bottle recycling company Carbonlite has opened its 220,000-square feet Riverside facility in California, billed as the world’s largest “bottle-to-bottle” plastic recycling plant. With its size, the plant will be able to recover and recycle more than 2 billion plastic PET bottles annually, working along with California’s Curbside and Redemption Value programs. It will also create around 100 green jobs in the area, the company said.


I.B.M. opens first server remanufacturing center in China

I.B.M. has built its first server remanufacturing center in Shenzhen, China which it hopes will reduce the impact of electronic waste by extending the life of older IT equipment that would otherwise go to landfills. "As the first IT provider licensed by the government to remanufacture servers on mainland China, I.B.M. can help clients affordably acquire IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment locally to supplement and support their IT operations while helping the environment," said Richard Dicks, general manager at IBM Global Asset Recovery Services.


Arizona utility now buys 1 GW of geothermal power from EnergySource

Salt River Project, a major utility serving Phoenix, Arizona, inked its second agreement with EnergySource L.L.C. to purchase another 49 megawatts of electricity generated by one of its planned geothermal power plant in Southern California. This second 30-year agreement will begin once the Hudson Ranch II plant goes online in mid-2014, according to a statement. Other financial details were not disclosed.


Two-megawatt waste-to-energy system signed for Pennsylvania

Waste heat recovery project developer KGRA Energy signed an agreement with Chesapeake Energy Corp. to develop a 2-megawatt unit for the latter’s subsidiary, Appalachian Midstream Services L.L.C.Chesapeake, the nation’s second largest producer of natural gas, in turn, will work with KGRA Energy’s subsidiary Liberty WHR Partners L.L.C. to install the technology at one of the latter’s Marcellus Shale gas gathering compression facilities in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.


China Recycling Energy Corp. posts 2011 Q3 net income increase of $16.91 million

China Recycling Energy Corp. (CREG) recently announced the results of its 2011 third quarter financial report ending in September 2011, posting net income gains of $16.91 million, 65.3 percent higher than last year’s $10.23 million, due to decrease in operating expenses and increase in interest income from lease payments for energy saving systems.


U.S. grants $60 million for geothermal, I.G.C.C. and E.V.’s

Funding to facilitate local private-public partnerships to develop E.V. deployment


E.ON gets MPI Offshore’s sea vessel for offshore wind turbine installation

United Kingdom-based E.ON Climate and Renewables secured a six-year contract for the use of another large sea vessel designed for installing an offshore wind farm from MPI Offshore, an offshore company that specializes in the installation of wind farms at sea. The energy company has chartered MPI Offshore’s MPI Discovery, which could work in tougher weather conditions than previous vessels used by the offshore wind industry.


Nevada’s geothermal market to hit $ 22.5 billion by 2040

Nevada’s geothermal energy can boom to $22.5 billion over the next 30 years


Beyond paper: The birth of the recycling logo

Universal recycling logo was created in 1970’s when environmental awareness was beginning to rise


Kenya nails down Japanese loans for geothermal expansion

Japanese government lends $316 million for expansion of Kenya’s Olkaria I geothermal power plant


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