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Renewables saw $257 billion in investments in 2011 – REN21

The year 2011 was a strong one for the renewable energy market, with new investment in renewables reaching $257 billion despite the recent economic downtrend. The recently released 2012 edition of REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report found that the sector has continued to grow steadily, with 16.7 percent of global final energy consumption coming from renewable sources in 2012.


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Eurozone countries can reduce debt with renewable energy – group

Giving concessions to creditors for large-scale renewable energy investments and projects would give debt-riddled Eurozone countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland an opportunity to reduce their debts by 30 percent, according to a group of economics and energy professors.


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N.R.D.C. ranks G-20 nations on renewable energy

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization based in New York, released its 2012 renewable energy scorecard, a report ranking the G-20 countries based on their renewable energy production and investment from 2011 to 2012.


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Low-temperature water-splitting process could run on waste heat

Chemical engineers at the California Institute of Technology have come up with a low-temperature process to enable water-splitting, the process by which hydrogen is extracted from water. Thermochemical water splitting requires the heating of water to trigger a reaction that splits it into its component molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. So far, the most effective methods require high temperatures, above 1,000 degrees Celsius.


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Malaysia’s first geothermal project gets $11.5 million grant

The Malaysian government awarded a grant of about $11.5 million to Tawau Green Energy Sdn. Bhd. for the development of a geothermal project in Sabah. The Apas Kiri geothermal site is in the southern portion of the Malaysian state near the city of Tawau. It will be the country’s first geothermal energy facility. It is expected to come online by early 2015 with a rated net capacity of 30 megawatts.


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Deadline for Request for Information for H-Prize extended to May 20

The United States Department of Energy Fuel Cell Technologies Program has extended the deadline for the Request for Information for topics and criteria for a potential second Hydrogen Prize competition. The Request for Information, originally released on March 20, 2012, is addressed to industry groups related to the technology development areas of production, distribution and utilization. The original deadline was April 20, 2012. The extension is until May 31, 2012.


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Geothermal market to reach $5.89 billion in 2017 – Frost & Sullivan

The global geothermal market will experience high growth in the next few years, going from $1.16 billion in revenues in 2010 to an estimated $5.89 billion in 2017. A recent analysis from research firm Frost & Sullivan saw the geothermal market growing due to government initiatives to ramp up energy security and independence.


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‘A.T.M.’ machine for recycling used gadgets gain in Series B

A San Diego startup that came out with an easy way for consumers to discard their old electronic gadgets closed its Series B investment round with approximately $17 million. EcoATM is just like a regular A.T.M. machine that churns out cash – but only in exchange for old mobile phones and other electronic gadgets for recycling.


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Limiting e-waste export boon for ‘green jobs’ – Senator

Limiting the export of electronic waste to countries with improper disposal techniques will create “green jobs,” said United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York. During a visit to one of Winchester County’s largest recycling facilities, WeRecycle!’s Mt. Vernon site, the senator said the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act will crack down on the reckless handling of electronic waste overseas, to the benefit of responsible domestic e-waste recycling facilities.


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Agency promotes use of nuclear plants in hydrogen production

There is an existing structure for the large-scale production of hydrogen which remains largely untapped according to the International Atomic Energy Agency ¬– nuclear power plants. According to Ibrahim Khamis, Ph.D., a scientist from the International Atomic Energy Agency, heat from existing nuclear plants could be ideal sites for hydrogen production because of a product which they produce in abundance – steam.


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