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China’s wind power growth slows down in first half

Global wind power rose by 7 percent within six months and by 16.4 percent on a yearly basis, with China, the United States, Germany, Spain and India leading growth. China remains the largest wind energy market, having added 5.4 gigawatts in the first half of 2012. However, the Worldwatch Institute notes that the country significantly added less wind power compared with its 8 GW in 2011 for the same period. “Without doubt China will continue in the foreseeable future its number one position,


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Obama reaches 10,000-MW goal for renewables in public lands – D.O.I

President Obama’s goal of authorizing 10,000 megawatts of renewable power on public lands has been reached according to the United States Department of the Interior, following the approval of two new wind project sites in Wyoming. Interior secretary Ken Salazar confirmed the approval of the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project sites, a complex that the department said could generate up to 3,000 megawatts of power in southeastern Wyoming.


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European Union now has 100 gigawatts of wind – EWEA

The past six years has seen a steady increase in wind power installations in Europe, leading the region to reach past the 100-gigawatt milestone of installed wind power, according to the European Wind Energy Association. The association announced the milestone in a statement released last week, noting that 100 gigawatts of wind is equivalent to the power production of 39 nuclear power plants and is enough...

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Extending tax credit for wind beneficial – Zpryme

Extending tax credits for wind energy would reduce dependence on foreign oil, reduce the price of oil and gas, and create American jobs, according to a report from Zpryme.Renewing the tax credits, specifically the Production Tax Credit for wind, would create over 50,000 jobs on top of the existing 75,000 jobs in the wind sector raising the number to almost 130,000 new energy jobs, the report estimates.

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Near-surface and high-altitude winds abundant; the key is siting – studies

Potential energy from the wind – both from near the surface and in high altitudes – is more than enough to meet the current and future total global power demand. These are the findings of two studies released today, one from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Carnegie Institute, and the other from Stanford University and the University of Delaware. Stanford’s study, led by their School...

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Clipper Windpower announces lay-offs

California-based Clipper Windpower is joining the ranks of United States wind manufacturers who have announced lay-offs this month. According to North American Wind Power, the company has released a statement that they will not be shutting down operations but they are working on developing a sustainable business model and this requires a downsizing and refocusing of operations, reducing the company’s total workforce from 550 employees to 376.

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U.S. wind energy grew fastest in 2012 but could slow down in 2013 – D.O.E.

The United States remained one of the fastest growing wind power markets in the world in 2011 although it came second to China, due in part to policy uncertainty starting after 2012 according to a report from the Department of Energy. Prepared by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the report indicates that roughly 6.8 gigawatts of new wind power capacity were connected to the country’s grid last year,


Wind-powered EV charging station installed in Spain

Integrating two clean technologies in one application, Urban Green Energy and G.E. installed the world's first integrated wind-powered electric vehicle charging station, the Sanya Skypump, in Barcelona. According to a report from Digital Trends, one of the criticisms being faced by electric vehicles is whether or not they can truly be considered green due to the fact that majority of electricity worldwide is fueled by coal.


Simulation model built for wind turbine towers

The soaring height achieved by wind turbines would not be possible if it were not for the sturdy support of wind turbine towers. Now, a researcher from the University of the Basque Country has developed a simulation model to ensure that wind tower turbines are up to the job. When a wind turbine tower leaves the factory, it does so in two or three segments.


U.S. wind power reaches 50 gigawatts – AWEA

As the production tax credit for wind power sails through the United States Congress, the American Wind Energy Association announced that wind power in the United States has reached 50 gigawatts of electricity generating capacity. Contributing to the 50-gigawatt threshold were the newly grid connected projects in the states of Nevada, Oklahoma, Idaho, California, Hawaii and Iowa.


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