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Chinese joint venture to see 300 MW of wind power in Henan province

Chinese joint venture to see 300 MW of wind power in Henan province
Abbot Shi Yongxin, abbot of the Shaolin Temple inspects a construction site at the temple. The Shaolin Temple is located in Henan province, the first area targeted for wind power development by Ming Yang and C.N.N.C.

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited will be forming a joint venture with a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation to develop wind and solar power projects in China.

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The J.V.’s first venture will be the development of up to 300 megawatts of wind project in the Henan province.

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Ming Yang, a leading wind turbine manufacturer in China, announced that their subsidiary Guangdong Mingyang Wind Power Group Limited signed a strategic cooperation with C.C.N.C. subsidiary China Nuclear Huineng Co. Ltd.

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C.C.N.C. is an investor and owner of clean energy projects in China, it will control the majority equity of the new joint venture company, while Ming Yang will have 25 percent equity interest.

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“We believe the alliance with Ming Yang will help us further develop the renewable energy markets in China,” said Shen Bin, deputy general manager of C.N.H.C.

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“The collaboration with C.N.N.C. is strategically important for us to enhance our leading position in renewable energy development in China during the 12th five-year plan period,” said Chuanwei Zhang, chairman and chief executive officer of Ming Yang.

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One of the top 10 wind turbine manufacturers worldwide, Ming Yang was the largest non-state owned wind turbine manufacturer in China as of 2012.

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C.N.N.C. is the largest state-owned enterprise under direct management of the central government. Originally focusing on nuclear technology – they build the first nuclear plant in mainland China – C.N.N.C. has since branched out into renewable energy. – EcoSeed Staff

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