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Onshore Wind

G.E., Taiwan Power Company sign $11.4 million service agreement for wind

G.E. has signed a $11.4 million service agreement with Taiwan Power Company for more than twenty turbines currently operating in the country.

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Under a five-year, full service agreement, G.E. will provide a full scope of services including planned and unplanned maintenance, repairs and spare parts for 26 G.E. 1.5 megawatt class wind turbines in Taiwan.

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Of these turbines, 23 are located in Taoyung County and three are located in Kenting Township. The total contribution of these turbines to the energy mix of Taiwan is about 110 million kilowatt hours or enough for 28,000 households.

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“With an experienced field team on-site, the wind turbines will be maintained at a high operating level, enabling Taiwan Power to maximize performance and profitability,” said Andy Holt, general manager of wind services for G.E.

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The turbines belong to Taiwan Power Company which is a state-owned power utility serving around 11.9 million customers. Taiwan Power Company has a generating capacity of 38,082 megawatts from both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

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“We are confident that G.E. will provide a high level of professional service for our wind turbine fleet, including availability guarantees and predictable expenditures on turbine operation in the years ahead,: said Chen Yi-Chen, chief of the department of renewable energy at Taiwan Power Company. – EcoSeed Staff

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