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Offshore Wind

Maldives to ride the wind to escape rising waters

Maldives made a bold plan to source 40 percent of energy demand from wind


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Centrica invests £725 million in offshore project

British Gas’s parent company will build the 270-megawatt Lincs offshore wind farm


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Taiwan goes for wind on water

SeaEnergy and Taiwan Generations combine expertise and experience to build offshore wind farms


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Offshore project looks at North Carolina’s potential

Duke Energy has partnered with the University of North Carolina to develop a coastal wind pilot project along the state’s coast that explores potential for utility-scale projects


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Canada eyes world’s largest offshore wind project

Canada’s largest renewable energy generation company is building what could become the world’s largest offshore wind power plant with the potential to power over 2 million homes


Vestas launches third offshore turbine model

Vestas launched its new offshore wind turbine model, the V112-3.0 MW, at the European Offshore Wind Conference in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday. The 3-megawatt (MW) offshore model reportedly can generate more power than any other turbine in the 3 MW class, offers


World’s first full-scale floating wind turbine inaugurated in Norway

The world’s first full-scale floating wind turbine, which has a capacity of 2.3 megawatts, was recently inaugurated in Norway. The launch was celebrated by Technip, a Paris-based project management, engineering and construction company for the oil and gas industry, and StatoilHydro


NS Power applies for 45-megawatt wind farm in Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia Power (NS Power) filed for an application with the Nova Scotia province’s Utility and Review Board (UARB) last week to develop a 45-megawatt (MW) wind farm at Nuttby Mountain, Colchester County. The request seeks approval for US $120 million to be spent on plans


Germany approves 80-turbine Gode Wind II offshore wind park

Eighty Vestas wind turbines each capable of producing 3-5 megawatts will make up the proposed Gode Wind II offshore wind park in Germany’s North Sea region, 32.5 kilometers north of Nordeney Island. The country’s maritime ministry Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und


UK Gunfleet Sands: Round 2 of gigawatt-scale offshore wind farm starts

Danish energy company DONG Energy announced that its offshore wind farm Gunfleet Sands in the Thames Estuary off the east coast of England has begun supplying electricity to the national grid. Renewable electricity has been generated from the first two wind turbines


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