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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind projects in the U.S. get $4 million

The Department of Energy announced funding for several offshore wind projects in the United States, including the first freshwater offshore wind project, the Icebreaker, in Lake Erie.

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The projects will receive up to $4 million to complete their engineering, design and permitting phase. The recipients of the funding are the Baryonyx Corporation for an installation in state waters near Port Isabel, Texas; Fishermen’s Atlantic City Windfarm off the cost of Atlantic City, New Jersey; Principle Power’s installation in Coos Bay, Oregon; Statoil North America’s installation in the Gulf of Maine; the University of Maine’s installation near Monhegan Island; Dominion Virginia Power of Richmond’s installations off the Coast of Virginia Beach and the Icebreaker project of Lake Erie Development Corporation.

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One of the projects considered promising by the Energy Department is the Icebreaker installation planned for Lake Erie off the coast of Cleveland.

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Five to nine turbines reaching 20 megawatts to 30 megawatts of capacity will be installed as part of the project which is targeting a generation capacity of 1,000 MW by 2020. The installation is headed by the nonprofit Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation.

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The announcement of the D.O.E. funding was matched by LEEDCo’s private partners committing an additional $1 million in cost share.

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Icebreaker could potentially receive an additional $46.7 million in federal funding as LEEDCo and its development team will compete among the other award winners for an additional $46.7 million the Energy Department is making available. Three of the seven will receive the additional funding in the following four years.

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Aside from providing clean power, Icebreaker is seen as bringing jobs and investments for Ohio. A 2011 Economic Impact Study completed by Kleinhenz & Associates indicates the project will create 500 jobs and result in $80 million of gross regional product. A 1,500 MW scenario by 2012 would create 6,200 jobs and $6.4 billion in GRP.

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The Energy Department has been expending broad efforts to launch an offshore wind industry in the United States. Offshore wind represents a large, untapped energy resource for the U.S., offering over 4,000 gigawatts of untapped domestic energy potential.

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According to an Energy Department report, offshore wind also has great potential to create jobs. The report concluded that a U.S. offshore wind industry could support up to 200,000 manufacturing, construction, operation and supply chain jobs and drive over $70 billion in annual investments by 2030

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The D.O.E. is making available up to $180 million over the next five years to help accelerate the deployment of breakthrough wind power technologies. – K.R. Jalbuena

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