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Offshore Wind

Norwegian company shows off 10-MW offshore wind turbine

A Norwegian technology company has built a wind turbine better suited for offshore wind applications compared with current designs.

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The turbine has a generator designed like a magnet ring with a large diameter. This ring is directly driven by the turbine rotor. Low-cost magnets are used for a 35 percent to 40 percent lowering in cost, and a 55 percent to 60 percent reduction in generator weight.

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The end result? An estimated 15-20 percent reduction in turbine costs compared with conventional offshore wind turbines.

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The company said the entire system has been optimized for offshore use with minimal operational and maintenance costs according to the company. It has a design life of 20 years.

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A full-scale pilot of the turbine is planned for installation on the Norwegian west coast, close to the company’s base in Bergen. The turbine is to be operated for one to two years to demonstrate how it operates under realistic conditions.

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The Norwegian government is providing the pilot project with around 17.7 million euros ($23 million) from their Energy Fund scheme.

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Sway Turbine chief executive Ingelise Arntsen says they are currently in the process of identifying industrial partners who can help them bring the ST10 design to the market. Commercial application has been tentatively set for around 2015. – EcoSeed Staff

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