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Offshore Wind

Canada eyes world’s largest offshore wind project

Details about what could potentially become the world’s
largest offshore wind power plant are still under wraps.

Canada’s largest renewable energy generation company is building what could become the world’s largest offshore wind power plant with the potential to power over 2 million homes.

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Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. will build the 4.4-gigawatt wind project 30 kilometers offshore in one of the Great Lakes bordering Ontario. The Calgary-based company acquired the rights to the massive project from Utah-based Wasatch Wind, Inc. Details about the agreement are still under wraps.

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The wind project will be built in stages, with the first 400 MW to 500 MW to come online by the fourth quarter of 2014. Construction is pending until approval from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is obtained, and financing secured.

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The offshore plant is eligible for the feed-in tariff under the Ontario Green Energy Act. The tariff scheme would grant Canadian Hydro with a fixed price of $190 per megawatt hour over 20 years, subject to Ontario’s consumer price index inflation.

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Canadian Hydro claims to own and operates the two largest wind facilities in Canada. The company generates 40 percent of Ontario’s installed renewable energy capacity.

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Kent Brown, its chief executive, said the company is eager to pioneer offshore generation in North America.

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