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Offshore Wind

Vestas launches third offshore turbine model

The present model is the third in Vestas’ offshore product
line. Above are typical wind turbines. STOCXKPERT

Vestas launched its new offshore wind turbine model, the V112-3.0 MW, at the European Offshore Wind Conference in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday.

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The 3-megawatt (MW) offshore model reportedly can generate more power than any other turbine in the 3 MW class, offers a rotor-to-generator ratio for better efficiency, and can deliver optimal output in average wind speeds of up to 9.5 meters per second.

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Marketing of the model has already begun. The first turbines will be installed by 2010 while serial delivery will be by 2011.

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The present model is the third in Vestas’ offshore product line. Vestas has previously released the V90-3.0 MW and the V80-2.0 MW offshore models.

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