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Policy support needed to reach 1,000 gigawatts of wind by 2020 – G.W.E.C.

On the occasion of the annual celebration of Global Wind Day, the Global wind Energy Council is urging world leaders to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and switch to renewables.

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In a statement, the G.W.E.C. pointed out that research has shown that the level of subsidies to fossil fuels has gone up by nearly 30 percent to $640 billion since 2010 and today fossil fuels receive six times more subsidies than renewable energy.

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“While world leaders pay lip service to combating climate change, what they are actually doing is subsidizing carbon dioxide emissions to the tune of $100/tonne. Fossil fuel energy subsidy reform could take us a long way towards protecting the climate,” said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of G.W.E.C.

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An alternative to fossil fuels, one that should be supported instead would be wind energy. This past decade has seen wind energy become a mainstream technology. It is already cheaper in Australia and Brazil than conventional energy sources. In a number of markets, such as Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and parts of China and Brazil, it is already in direct competition with conventional energy sources.

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With the right policy support, G.W.E.C. points out; wind could reach 1,000 gigawatts by 2020, avoiding over 9 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

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While it may still be lacking in policy support, public support for wind energy is said to be overwhelming. According to a Eurobarometer survey, 89 percent of E.U. citizens were in favor of wind energy as of 2012. In another 2012 survey conducted in the U.S., 71 percent of Americans wanted to see more wind power development and in Canada, another 78 percent of Ontarians believed wind was one of the safest forms of electricity generation. A U.K. survey found that two-thirds of Britons would be in favor of wind energy.

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This June 15, marks the fifth edition of Global Wind Day, jointly organized by G.W.E.C. and the European Wind Energy Association who coordinate a worldwide network of 60 partners.

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Global Wind Day seeks to provide an opportunity to learn about wind power and its ability to provide a solution to the global energy challenge. This year, online action has been launched through a FaceBook app.

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The G8 Wake-Up Call enables people to send a message directly to each one of the G8 leaders by sending a caricature drawing to them, asking them to get serious about shifting subsidies from fossil fuels to renewable energy. – EcoSeed Staff

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