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G.E. installs newest prototype wind turbine in Netherlands

G.E. installs newest prototype wind turbine in Netherlands
Installation of the prototype of GE’s new 2.5-120 wind turbine at a test site in Wieringermeer, Netherlands. Photo credit: GE

A prototype of G.E.’s next-generation high-output wind turbine is now operational at a test site in Wieringermeer, Netherlands.

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The 2.5-120, announced in January, is designed to unlock higher returns for wind farm operators at low-wind speed areas. The model represents a 25 percent increase in efficiency and a 15 percent increase in power output compared to G.E.’s current models.

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The new prototype uses Industrial Internet to analyze tens of thousands of data points every second to allow for the management of variable wind sources. The turbine also integrates energy storage and advanced forecasting algorithms to enable smooth communication with neighboring turbines, service technicians and operators to enable the production of smooth, predictable power.

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The turbine uses a 120-meter rotor for increased energy capture in low-wind areas. The taller tower (139 meters maximum), makes it ideal for heavily forested regions in places like Europe and Canada.

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The turbine was developed by G.E. working with ECN, a Dutch independent research institute. The 2.5-120 prototype will be tested and validated in accordance with G.E and industry standards through fall 2013. – EcoSeed Staff

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