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G.E. overtakes Vestas as the global wind turbine market leader in 2012

Vestas has lost its title as the global leader in wind turbine market to General Electric.

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According to preliminary reports from Navigant Consulting Inc.’s BTM Consult unit, the Danish manufacturer dropped from the top spot for the first time since 2000.

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G.E. accounted for over 15 percent of global market share in 2012 as the U.S. wind industry rushed wind energy projects, anticipating the expiration of the Production Tax Credit in December last year.

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China’s Goldwind, despite a rapid growth in 2011 being the second largest turbine manufacturer, dropped out from the top five last year, while Siemens saw a significant growth in the wind turbine market as it climbed to third place from ninth in 2011. Germany’s Enercon and India’s Suzlon Group both took one notch higher from 2011’s ranking, occupying the fourth and fifth place respectively.

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In a separate report by the Global Wind Energy Council, the U.S. and China emerged as the wind market leaders with both having 13 GW of new installations (see related story).

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The U.S. added more than 8,000 megawatts in the fourth quarter of 2012 alone while China’s wind industry was marked by a slowdown due to market consolidation and rationalization.

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Last year, approximately 45 gigawatts wind capacity was added, bringing a cumulative generation capacity of 282 GW, according to latest figures from G.W.E.C. – EcoSeed Staff

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