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Wind energy boom seen in Japan for 2013

Japan’s wind energy market is set to boom this 2013, helping the global wind industry bounce back from its slowdown in 2012, according to Frost and Sullivan.

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While a lull in the domestic onshore wind power market in the recent years had driven some Japanese wind turbine manufacturers to shift focus on European and U.S. markets, a growing interest on offshore wind farms will change this scenario.

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“This is expected to attract not only home-grown engineering and construction companies but also global wind turbine manufacturers to re-enter Japan,” said Frost and Sullivan.

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Compared with European markets that have been leading the offshore wind power development worldwide, the Asia-Pacific is lagging behind in terms of progress.

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“However, with Japan’s plan to aggressively promote offshore wind projects in the country, the focus of developing offshore wind farms is expected to shift from the West to the East,” stressed Frost and Sullivan.

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Last week, the country has unveiled its goal to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm in Fukushima Prefecture (see related story). It has a capacity to generate 1 gigawatt of power when completed by 2020.

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Frost and Sullivan noted that this ambitious project is estimated to have very high construction cost and the Japanese government’s commitment and support has played a crucial role to put forward this project, which will boost the wind power industry in the country.

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Once commissioned, this project has the potential to establish Japan as one of the leading wind power markets in the Asia Pacific region, said Ms. Sriram. – EcoSeed Staff

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