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European Union now has 100 gigawatts of wind – EWEA

The past six years has seen a steady increase in wind power installations in Europe, leading the region to reach past the 100-gigawatt milestone of installed wind power, according to the European Wind Energy Association.

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The association announced the milestone in a statement released last week, noting that 100 gigawatts of wind is equivalent to the power production of 39 nuclear power plants and is enough to meet the total consumption of 57 million households.

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“It would require burning 72 million [metric tons] of coal annually in coal fired power plants to match Europe’s annual wind energy production,” said Christian Kjaer, chief executive officer of the association.

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According to Mr. Kjaer, the growth in wind power installation in the E.U. has a substantial impact on the region’s energy security and environment as well as its economy by creating green jobs and technology experts.

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Around 20 years ago, Europe had 10 GW of grid connected wind power. The next 13 years saw an additional 90 GW’s.

Recent wind turbine installations contributing to the 100-GW milestone were said the be the 400-MW Anholt offshore wind farm in Denmark; the 48-MW Linowo installation in Poland; the 12-MW Ausumgaard in Denmark and a 7.2-MW installation on the island of Crete.

Previously, in a report released in February, EWEA reported that 9,616 MW of wind power capacity worth 12.6 billion euros was installed in the E.U. in 2011. At the time of the report, EWEA placed the amount of wind power installed in Europe at 93,957 megawatts. – EcoSeed Staff

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