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Solar Aero research unveils new wind turbine

Solar Aero Research has unveiled the prototype of its new wind turbine. Photo courtesy of PRWeb

Solar Aero Research has unveiled the prototype of its new wind turbine. The New Hampshire-based nonprofit alternative energy research corporation’s turbine is a totally enclosed unit based upon the early patents of Nicola Tesla. The unit has been further modified for low fluid velocity use and promises high efficiency and low cost energy production. The turbine boasts of low maintenance as its key to long life at low cost.

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The turbines can be mounted on towers since support bearings for the turbine itself are magnetic, with no lubrication required. Generator equipment is located at the tower base, eliminating the need for specialized personnel and equipment to climb the tower on a routine basis.

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The follow-on prototype unit will be lighter, constructed of lightweight composite materials suitable for tower mounting. This unit will also be sized for a 10-kW brushless alternator and is intended to be suitable for erection near military surveillance radar installations due to the inherent non-interfering nature of the design. This turbine should also deliver power at a cost comparable to present coal-fired power plants. Cost of this unit is projected to be in the order of approximately $1.50/watt in 2009 dollars, when uninstalled.

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Efforts are currently underway to secure additional research and development (R&D) grant funding for follow-on prototypes. Production licenses are available worldwide.

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