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Indian metro rail project looks at 20-megawatt wind farm for power

The 150 billion Rupee ($2.7 billion) Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar metro rail project in Western India will be the first rail development in India to mainly run on renewable energy.

According to a report from the Indian Express, the project will powered by a 20-megawatt wind power plant.

The project is led by Metrolink Express for Gandhingar and Ahmedabad Company Ltd, the special purpose entity of the government of western Gujarat state.

MEGA has already invited expressions of interests to big construction companies such as Aecom, Seoul Metro, DB International GmBH, China Railway Eryuan Engineering Consultants Company Ltd. and Thai Engineering Consultants Company Ltd. to set up the wind power farm for the metro rail.

The 20-megawatt wind farm will cost an estimated 1.1 to 1.2 billion Rupees. While the cost is higher than the fossil fuel sources, the project developers believe that the initial expense can be easily overcome by the low charge of operations and maintenance for the wind project as well as the additional revenues that can come in from the sale of carbon credits.

The first phase of construction, which started in 2011, will cover a 44-kilometer route. It is expected to be operational between 2013 and 2014.

The entire project is set to be completed in seven years time including three phases that will cover a total of 110 kilometers.

When accomplished, the Metro rail will carry 1.7 million commuters per day while reducing congestion on the roads of India. – EcoSeed Staff

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