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Water Power

E.U. loan pumps up Panama's hydro power

GDF-Suez subsidiaries get hold of $ 211 million E.I.B. loan to build up hydro complex


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India-Norway companies join up for massive hydropower ventures

Tata and SN Power will spend $ 3.2 billion for hydropower in India and Nepal


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Vattenfall bears out crisis' impact on energy

Vattenfall reports lower earnings for the third quarter due to the global financial crisis


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China's RINO obtains $ 18.4 million wastewater contract

China-based RINO International Corporation has secured an $18.4 million contract to install a sludge treatment system in the Dalian Development District, marking the commercial launch of the company’s new technology


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3M makes water leak solutions with German group

Diversified technology company 3M has formed an alliance with Sewerin G.m.b.H. to produce water leak detection products for the global water market through its track and trace solutions unit


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Hydropower industry braces for glacier-free future

Standing on the glacier at the source of the Rhone river, glaciologist Andreas Bauder poses next to a 3-meter high pole sticking out of the ice, and gestures above his head


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South American nations partner for 800-MW hydropower project

A Trinidad company has joined forces with the governments of Guyana and Brazil to work on an 800-megawatt hydropower project in Guyana valued at $ 2 billion


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Hydropower plant goes online in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Cavico Corporation has successfully built a 280-megawatt hydropower plant a month ahead of schedule


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Wave power lands in Gujarat

The government of Gujarat, India has agreed with a subsidiary of Israel’s S.D.E Wave Energy Ltd. to build a 5-megawatt power plant that harnesses energy from ocean waves


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Bulgaria and Romania to explore hydro potential along common border

Bulgaria and Romania will be harnessing hydro energy together through two hydroelectric power plants to be built along the Danube River, reported


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