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Croatian hydropower project gets E.B.R.D. financing

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is lending up to 123.2 million euros ($164 million) to Croatian state-owned electricity utility Hrvatska Elektroprivreda to finance the construction of a hydropower plant.


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Kawasaki developing tidal energy device in Scotland

Kawasaki Heavy Industries announced that it will test a new tidal energy system off the coast of Scotland at the country’s dedicated center for marine energy research. The Tokyo-based company plans to use its knowledge in engines, marine propulsion and gas turbine systems to build tidal energy devices to be tested at the European Marine Energy Center in Fall of Warness, Orkney. However, Kawasaki has yet to disclose useful details on how their device works.


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Langlee Wave Power secures $1.1 million from Färna Invest

Langlee Wave Power has secured £700,000 million pounds ($1.1 million) from Swedish investment firm Färna Invest AB to fund the development of the company’s flagship wave energy device. The company’s E1 Wave Energy Converter is a floating platform with two hinged flaps just below the sea's surface. Sea waves move the flaps which drives hydraulic pistons attached to a rotating axle of a hydraulic generator to produce 50 kilowatts of electricity.


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Ocean Power awards four contracts to Oregon based companies

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc., a wave energy technology company, has awarded four major contracts to Oregon companies to manufacture the PB150 PowerBuoy wave energy device that will be used for their Reedsport wave project.The four different companies awarded with the contracts will each play a crucial role in the assembly of O.P.T.s wave power device. With these new contracts, the company has invested as much as $6 million to the local economy.


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Wave power unit installed in Israel’s Jaffa port

Wave power plant initial step in a planned 60-megawatt project on the Jaffa port’s breakwater


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Verdant Power explores China’s tidal energy potential

Verdant Power and Chinese environmental group join forces to develop tidal energy projects in China


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Spain’s Ingeteam open first U.S. manufacturing plant in Milwaukee

Ingeteam will build a $15 million plant in Milwaukee to manufacture wind and solar installation equipment for its North American market. The 100,000 square-foot facility will be the Spanish electrical engineering company’s first production plant in the United States and is targeted for completion by year-end.


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Chinese energy company aids Cambodia’s hydropower plans

China Huadian Corporation secures approval to build a $ 558 million hydropower plant in Cambodia


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Indonesian province pumps up with hydro

Papua province plans to build a 2,000 megawatt hydropower plant to meet growing electricity needs


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New Zealand group sees immense renewable potential in Guatemala

World Energy Research will explore Guatemala’s untapped renewable resource potential through three new hydroelectric projects


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