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Water Power

Tidal project in Maine delivers power, earns R.E.C.s

A tidal power facility in the Gulf of Maine has become the first project in the United States to deliver ocean energy to the public grid and earn renewable energy certificates.

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3Degrees, one of the nation’s leading providers of renewable energy and carbon offsets, announced that it has taken delivery of R.E.C.s generated by Ocean Renewable Power Company’s Maine Tidal Energy Project.

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3Degrees is the sole R.E.C.s purchaser of the Maine Tidal Energy Project. It will market the R.E.C.s to residents and businesses in Maine and Connecticut through a voluntary utility green power programs it operates in conjunction with the Maine Public Utilities Commissions and the Connecticut Clean Energy Options program.

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“3Degrees is honored to be part of this new, innovative green power technology,” said Dan Kalafatas, chief executive officer of 3Degrees. “Supporting this project captures the best of the voluntary renewable energy market—helping commercialize new technologies—and helps us in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to a low-carbon renewable energy economy.”

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The Main Tidal Energy Project is located adjacent to the Bay of Fundy on the Northeastern end of the Gulf of Maine near Canada. Power generated by the tides in the area is delivered by O.R.P.C. to the Bangor Hydro Electric Company Power grid.

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The project employs O.R.P.C.’s TidGen Power System which uses its proprietary Turbine Generator Unit of T.G.U. The T.C.U. works much like a wind turbine, using water currents to rotate foils that power a central permanent magnet generator.

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Over the next several years, O.R.P.C. will increase the project’s capacity to up to 5 megawatts, providing enough power for 2,000 homes.

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“A project such as this sets a new standard for the tidal energy industry,” said Chris Sauer, president and chief executive officer of O.R.P.C. “Not just the fact that this is the first commercial, grid-connected ocean energy project in the United States, but it's an example of how development can benefit coastal communities too.”

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The project has injected $21 million into the local economy and supported more than 100 jobs in 13 Maine counties during planning and construction. – EcoSeed Staff

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