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Chinese-Australian alliance to bring ocean wave energy system to commercialization

Chinese industrial group Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group and Australian ocean energy company BioPower Systems are forming a strategic alliance for the commercialization of an ocean wave energy system.

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“This alliance, between BioPower Systems and what is one of the largest diversified equipment manufacturing groups in China, intends to enable development of the “BioWAVE” to a commercial stage within a reasonable time frame,” said BioPower Systems chief executive officer Dr. Timothy Finnigan.

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The BioWAVE is being developed for utility-scale power production by harnessing ocean waves. It is mounted on the seafloor with a pivot near the bottom supporting an array of buoyant floats. The floats sway and move with the ocean waves, and this motion is converted to energy.

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BioPower system is in the middle of constructing a pilot demonstration project of the BioWAVE at Port Fairy, Victoria. A 250-kilowatt BioWAVE unit is to be trialed at a site located 850 meters from the shore in 30-meter-deep water. Installation is scheduled for late 2013.

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Shanghai Electric will act as an observer during the Port Fairy project before becoming more technically involved in the development and operation of a 1-megawatt commercial scale BioWAVE system.

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The Port Fairy pilot project is estimated to cost around $14 million. The project received funding support of $5 million from the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Energy Pilot Demonstration program.

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Just this July, the Port Fairy project was one of two new projects sharing almost $10 million in Emerging Renewables Program funding from the Australian government. Port Fairy got $5.6 million while Oceanlinx Limited received $4 million for a wave energy project off the coast of South Australia.

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According to minister for resources and energy Martin Ferguson, the Australian government has now contributed close to $20 million to new energy technologies.

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“This makes us one of the world’s largest supporters of wave energy with a diverse range of technologies in development,” said Mr. Ferguson.

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Australia is considered one of the best areas in the world for wave energy. In 2010, the Australian commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization estimated that the Southern Australian margin – including the coast of Victoria – could produce most of Australia’s energy needs.

Specifically, the research organization concluded that by converting and harnessing only 10 percent of the region’s wave energy potential, 130 terawatt-hours a year or half Australia’s annual energy consumption can be generated. – Katrice R. Jalbuena

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