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Wave energy company looking for partners for India

Israeli wave power company, SDE Energy signed a cooperation agreement with a major Indian automobile manufacturer for the construction of wave power generation plants along the coast of India.

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SDE uses a set of buoys set upon a breakwater where they can be moved up and down with the motion of the waves. The motion generates hydraulic pressure which is transformed into electricity.

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SDE is now working with the government of India and local partners to build their power plants. The company received letters of intent and a power purchase agreement from the Gujarat government, the Maharashtra government, the Energy Development Agency, the Electricity Regulation Committee and the Electric Company of India PTC.

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This will help clear the way towards obtaining approvals required to build a sea wave power plant.

The cost of building one of these plants with a capacity of 1 megawatt is put at around 1 million dollars, with a production cost of 2 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The company is currently looking for partners and representatives to further establish its sea wave power plants.

To date, the company has built 11 models of sea wave power plant with an investment of approximately 2 million dollars. – EcoSeed Staff

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