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Water Power

Scotland to deploy world’s first community-owned tidal turbine

A first-of-its-kind community-owned tidal turbine is expected to be deployed on the coast of Scotland by 2013, said Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

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Scottish firms Steel Engineering and Nova Innovation will deliver the 30-kilowatt hydroelectric generator, the Nova-30, which will be installed in the Bluemull Sound between the islands of Yell and Unst.

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The North Yell community in Shetland will own the installation which will be directly connected to the national grid. The area is one of the most remote in Scotland and the installation will provide much needed power to the local community.

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The energy from the installation will also go to powering a local ice plant and industrial estate, providing income and supporting jobs.

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North Yell received a grant of £150,000 ($237,082) from the Scottish Government to help the development of this project.

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“Scotland is leading the way in the development of marine renewables, and today’s announcement that the world’s first community-owned turbine is to be manufactured and deployed on these shores is a truly fantastic endorsement of our burgeoning renewables sector,” said the First Minister.

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Meanwhile, Director of Nova Innovation Simon Forrest noted that the development of the community-owned tidal turbine is an important milestone that will substantially advance the growth of marine energy in Scotland.

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“We see significant potential for tidal arrays for other communities across Scotland,” he added.

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The Scottish Government is committed to developing a successful marine renewable energy industry.

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According to the Scottish Government, the seas around the country have the potential to provide up to 25 percent of Europe’s tidal power and 10 percent of its wave power. Marine energy could also deliver about 25 percent of the European offshore wind resource potential.

Overall, Scotland is projected to have the capacity to generate 12 gigawatts of energy both from marine renewable and offshore wind resources by 2020. – EcoSeed Staff

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