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Lightway Solar’s new modules boast better performance than P.V. systems

Lightway Solar’s new modules boast better performance than P.V. systems
Lightway Solar’s LWSS series of solar modules has increased performance and security compared to conventional PV systems. Photo taken from Lightway Solar.

Lightway Solar, a China-based company that produces solar modules, cells, and wafers, has developed a new series of modules that can outperform conventional photovoltaic systems.

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The new series of solar modules, called LWSS, makes use of the maximum power point tracking technique to boost system performance. The module series also solves problems such as mismatched modules, dirt collection, and shading which cause conventional P.V. systems to lose power.

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In addition, the LWSS series comes with a system that allows for real-time monitoring thereby providing current performance data of the modules through the web or a mobile application. Remote access of the system to either diagnose or troubleshoot any problems is also possible with the system.

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For added security, the LWSS series has features such as automatic shut off and an Arc Prevention which eliminates the risk of electrical explosions.

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Specifically targeted to home owners and businesses, Lightway Solar’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Li said that their clients will be able to use solar and electronic technology with enhanced and improved return of investment.

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Founded in 2008, Lightway Solar makes use of Supernova technology that combines mono and multi-crystalline cells to further improve crystalline structure thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing energy consumption. With a 240-acre manufacturing base in Heibei Province, China, they also have over 3,000 employees worldwide, with branches in countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany, and Japan. – EcoSeed Staff

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