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Queen Creek Solar Farm providing solar power for Phoenix

China’s Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited has supplied solar photovoltaic modules to one of America’s largest operational solar power projects, the Queen Creek Solar Farm in Arizona.

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The 25-megawatt Queen Creek solar Farm is owned by PSEG Solar Source and is located on 148 acres of land southeast of Phoenix. The project, which was constructed by Juwi Solar Inc., began commercial operations in October.

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Yingli subsidiary Yingli Green Energy America supplied the installation with modules. The facility uses around 90,000 Yingli 72 Cell Solar modules affixed and operating on a single axis solar tracking system.

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The power generated by the system will be purchased by the Salt River Project through a 20-year power purchase agreement. Queen Creek Solar Farm can provide approximately enough power for 3,300 homes in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

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The SRP is the largest provider of electricity in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. They have set a goal to meet 20 percent of their retail electricity requirements through sustainable resources by 2020. The PPA with Queen Creek Solar will help them meet their goals.

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This is the first project of PSEG Solar Source in Arizona. PSEG is a subsidiary of energy group Public Service Enterprise Group. Currently PSEG Solar Source owns or is constructing 69.2 MW of solar power. Aside from Queen Creek Solar Farm, these are a 15 MW installation in Jacksonville, Florida; a 12. MW installating in Wyandot, Ohio, the 2.2 MW Mars Sloar Garden in New Jersey and the 15 MW Milford Solar Farm under construction in Delaware.

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