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Soitec’s CPV manufacturing plant to be built in San Diego this year

French semiconductor leader Soitec will open the doors to its first large-scale manufacturing facility for concentrating photovoltaic technology products by the fourth quarter of 2012.

The company will be investing more than $150 million on the facility to be based in San Diego, California. It will manufacture Soitec's Concentrix modules which use Fresnel lenses to concentrate and focus sunlight onto small multi-junction cells.

The facility will create 450 on-site jobs and more than 1,000 indirect jobs at full capacity.

Last week, Soitec was one of three companies awarded a total of $37 million in funds over the next two years by the United States Department of Energy through their Scaling Up Nascent PV at Home program or Sunpath.

Sunpath seeks to increase America's manufacturing competitiveness in the global solar market by supporting the initial ramp up to high-volume manufacturing.

Soitec received the largest of the three Sunpath awards with $25 million for the construction of the San Diego facility.

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