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Heliatek now looking into solar windows for its organic PV

German organic photovoltaics company Heliatek G.m.b.H. is now developing transparent solar films that can be put in between glass sheets of double glazed windows, thus integrating solar power into a potential building's design.

"[O]ur business model is to be the leading supplier of customized solar films to the building and construction material industry. They will integrate our solar films as energy harvesting components into their products," said Thibaud Le S'eguillon, Heliatek's chief executive.

Heliatek said the windows embedded with PV technology will look like tinted glass. Currently, the solar technology has a transparency level of about 40 percent, which the company said can be increased to 50 percent when supplied to the building industry.

The launch of the next production line of the transparent solar film is in 2014. Heliatek said it is now negotiating with manufacturers of building materials to integrate its solar films into their own product offerings.

Elastic molds and form liners supplier Reckli has agreed with the company to integrate the solar films into concrete building walls.

Efficiency rating

SGS, an independent testing facility, said the thin solar films have an efficiency rating of 7 percent at a light transmission level of 23.5 percent.

In contrast to conventional solar technologies, Heliatek's cells have low light and high temperature capacity. When exposed to radiation at only 100 watts per square meter, the cells have higher efficiency of 15 percent compared with the standard efficiency measured at 1,000 watts per square meters.

The efficiency of the cell is constant with increasing temperatures which decreases by 15 percent to 20 percent at high temperatures compared with conventional solar technologies.

"As the film maintains its efficiency at high temperatures, unlike traditional PV technologies, no cooling is required. Similarly, its low light capabilities mean that the orientation and angle of the film is not critical and it maintains its efficiency even when cloudy, north-facing, or in the morning and evening," said Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, Heliatek cofounder and chief technology officer. – EcoSeed Staff

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