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Concentrating Solar Power

Spain, U.S. seen dominating solar thermal market – GBI

With both countries having the presence of factors like increasing costs of fossil fuels, supportive government policies, and favorable weather, Spain and the United States are seen dominating the global solar thermal market. According to a report by GBI Research, Spain has so far the largest market share for concentrated solar power, covering 65 percent of total installed capacity at 1,002 megawatts in 2011.

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Rare earths pose no threat for CSP – but silver does

There’s one renewable energy technology that might just withstand the export restrictions that China is imposing on vital renewables component rare earth metals, according to a report from Sweden-based Chalmers University of Technology – concentrating solar power. “The prospects for strong growth for CSP over the next few decades seem good,” says Dr. Erik Pihl, lead author.


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Largest CPV power plant in Italy ready for clean energy production

French manufacturer of semiconductor materials Soitec finished construction and grid connection for the largest concentrator photovoltaic solar power plant in Italy, a 1.17-megawatt facility in Sicily. Located in Belpasso municipality in the Catania province, the facility is expected to generate enough clean power for 300 homes and offset 125 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.


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$125 million invested in Solana solar thermal project in Arizona

Abengoa took in an additional $125 million in investment for its 280-megawatt Solana concentrating solar power plant in Arizona. The investment comes from Capital Riesgo Global, a subsidiary of Spanish banking group Banco Santander. In return it will have an equity stake in the project.

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SolarReserve erects tower for largest solar thermal plant being built

The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant, the world’s largest concentrating solar power plant being built which uses molten salt, finished an important construction stage this week with the completion of its 540-foot tower. The tower is a vital part of the project. A receiver tank containing a mix of molten sodium and potassium salts will be placed on top of it.


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BrightSource secures fund for world’s largest solar thermal plant

BrightSource Energy has secured the funds for the Ivanpah solar power project in California’s Mojave Desert, marked by a new federal loan and new investment from Google Inc. BrightSource secured a $1.6 billion loan from the United States Department of Energy for Ivanpah, a project which consists of three utility-scale solar thermal power plants that together will make up the largest solar project of its kind in the world.


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Major California utilities bring in 415 MW of solar power

PG&E and Southern California Edison sign power purchase agreements for 415 MW of PV, C.S.P.


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Swiss solar company to draw on advanced solar technology

Swiss solar company SwissINSO S.A. has entered into a technology transfer and research agreement with one of Europe’s premier academic institutions for the latter’s solar energy production technology


PG&E adds 500 MW to solar portfolio

Pacific Gas and Electric Company continues to engage independent developers in solar deals, signing up NextEra Energy Resources and Abengoa Solar in California to deliver 500 megawatts of clean, renewable electricity


North Africa mulls solar power scale-up

African nations will gather in Tunis to discuss the region’s potential to scale up concentrated solar power and establish the region as a pioneer among emerging economies


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