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Concentrating Solar Power

Sunovia, EPIR to expand solar R and D and pilot manufacturing facilities

Sunovia partners with EPIR to create a low-cost, high-efficiency solar cell using cadmium telluride on silicon PV materials. STOCKXPERT

Solar power company Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. and EPIR Technologies announced that they will expand their research and development and pilot manufacturing facilities in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

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The expansion will enable both companies to begin optimization of their high-efficiency,
low-cost cadmium telluride on Silicon (CdTe/Si) concentrated photovoltaic (PV) products. Pilot scale production will begin once optimization is completed.

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Sunovia partnered with EPIR to manufacture a high-efficiency CdTE/Si solar cell that concentrates the sunlight up to 500 times its normal intensity, producing a significantly higher amount of electricity at a lower cost than traditional PV products.

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Sunovia and EPIR have also expanded their materials synthesis and device fabrication facility to 26,000 square feet, including 4,000 square feet of clean-room laboratory space. The partners’ R and D and engineering staff has also doubled over the past year.

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Based in Sarasota, Florida, Sunovia creates and markets advanced, cost-effective concentrated photovoltaic and flat panel solar systems that employ patented cadmium telluride solar cell and infrared technologies.

Sunovia owns an equity interest in Illinois-based EPIR, which specializes in optoelectronic materials and Sensors targeted towards the infrared sensor, biosensor and solar photovoltaic industries. Currently, EPIR has more than $20 million in governmental contracts, including those with the US Department of Energy, Department of Defense and missile agency.

- Natassia Y. Laforteza

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