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Concentrating Solar Power

Swiss solar company to draw on advanced solar technology

SwissINSO and top research university Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have reached a technology transfer and research agreement for solar applications.

Swiss solar company SwissINSO S.A. has entered into a technology transfer and research agreement with one of Europe’s premier academic institutions for the latter’s solar energy production technology.

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Through the agreement with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (E.P.F.L.), SwissINSO will gain access to a new process for glazing solar thermal collectors. The process uses the deposition of a colored coating layer that is opaque to the eye but is transparent to solar energy.

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E.P.F.L’s solar energy and building physics laboratories developed the technology. The agreement includes intellectual property rights on future developments made by the laboratory in this field.

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The laboratory’s new technique for glazing solar thermal collectors is a proprietary nanotechnology developed by a Dr. Andreas Schueler and his team over the last seven years. Three full scale solar thermal collectors have already been manufactured using the technique.

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SwissINSO S.A. utilizes its intellectual property assets to provide environmentally friendly, innovative solar energy solutions and related technology to meet growing global needs.

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E.P.F.L. is one of the premier academic institutions in Switzerland and the continent. It is associated with several specialized research institutes and, with its sister institution in Zurich, is said to be among the most preeminent educational and applied research establishments in the world.

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