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juwi starts building its first solar park in South Africa

German renewables project developer juwi Renewable Energies has begun putting up its first South African solar park.

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Located southeast of Rustenburg, the development of the 7-megawatt solar park will be entirely managed by juwi, including engineering, procurement and construction.

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An array of photovoltaic modules, spread across 94,650 square meters, will have the capacity to produce over 12.5 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually, equivalent to power for 10,000 households.

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The solar park is expected to be connected to the grid mid-October this year and to feed electricity into the grid the following month. It is owned by Momentous Technologies, Momentous Solar Farm, Momentous Foundation and Evolution One Fund.

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Momentous Operations Services will maintain and operate the solar farm and juwi is subcontracted for the operations and maintenance specific to the plant for the first five years from its control room at Wörrstadt, Germany.

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The project is expected to help boost the local economy by generating more than 200 green jobs during the construction and engineering phase, not to mention some operational jobs over the 20-year lifetime of the solar park.

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A local community trust owns 17 percent of the plant. The trust is mandated to use the dividends from the projects for community development projects for all areas within a radius of 50 kilometers from the plant.

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According to juwi, Rustenburg solar plant is the first of four E.P.C. projects that the company successfully won during the first tendering round under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme, a finance mechanism supporting renewable energy projects in South Africa. The four solar power plants will have a combined installed capacity of 35 MW.

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The solar park will assist South Africa in achieving its renewable energy target of 3,725 MW solar capacity by 2030, as well as fulfilling its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 34 percent by 2022, as the solar plant will be avoiding around 6,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. – EcoSeed Staff

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