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Solar power lights up over 5,000 households in the Philippines’ Polilio islands

Solar power lights up over 5,000 households in the Philippines’ Polilio islands
Solar power energizes remote areas in the Philippines

Thanks to collaboration between the Philippine government and the private sector, more than 5,000 homes in one of the country’s most remote regions are now being supplied with electricity through solar power.

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According to an InterAksyon report, a solar power project of the Department of Energy and the Quezon Electric Cooperative II, TeaM Energy Corporation has helped provide electricity to about 5,551 households in the Polilio Group of Islands in Quezon province, covering three municipalities and 17 barangays.

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“Our joint effort with the DoE has led to the electrification…in what can be considered one of the hardest to reach places in the country,” said Federico Puno, TeaM Energy president and chief executive officer.

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The solar installations have spared many recipient households from dependence on generators that entail them high costs for use, he added.

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TeaM Energy is a joint venture of noted Japanese firms Tokyo Electric Power Company and Marubeni Corporation. It is one of the largest independent power producers in the Philippines, with over 2,000 megawatts of installed generating capacity to date.

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The Polilio Island rural electrification program is being implemented by the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, TeaM Energy Foundation Incorporated.

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In addition to solar panels, also providing livelihood assistance in the municipalities of Burdeos, Patnanungan and Panukulan.

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Dubbed as “Heart and Soul” (Household Electrification Assistance through Renewable Technology and Social Preparation for the Upliftment of Lives), the program aims to support the DoE in achieving the goal of lighting up 90 percent households in far-flung areas nationwide by 2017.

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Since the beginning of its electrification program in 2000, TeaM Energy has delivered electricity to around 1,500 rural barangays and over 300,000 households across the country, befitting an estimated 1.5 million Filipinos. – C. Dominguez

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