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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

South Korean utility installing fuel cell systems

Korean South East Power Co. Ltd, a public utility in the greater Seoul area, will be installing several fuel cell systems. The units will be installed at the utility’s Bundang facility in Gyeonggi province. It will provide 3 megawatts of electricity to the local grid and thermal energy to the district heating business. Korean South East Power, a government-owned power corporation, runs five power generation...

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AT&T, Bloom Energy continue partnership for fuel cell installations

Telecom giant AT&T is partnering with fuel cell technology company Bloom Energy to produce 17.1 megawatts of clean energy to power their facilities in California and Connecticut. The companies announced new installations of Bloom Energy’s Bloom Boxes – stacked fuel cells that convert air and natural gas into electricity – for their facilities. The new installations will total about 9.6 MW of emissions-free power...

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Hydrogen fuel cells for eco-friendly smartphones

Collaboration between Japanese semiconductor supplier ROHM, Kyoto-based fuel cell manufacturer Aquafairy Corporation and Kyoto University has resulted into the development of high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cells specially designed for smartphones and other portable devices. The three parties have developed a fuel cell using calcium hydride, which can generate hydrogen when water is added in a process known as hydro-synthesis.


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Caltech looking at cobalt for better water splitting catalyst

Cobalt could be the key to providing better and cheaper catalysts for hydrogen production. Ancient crafts workers prized cobalt-based pigments for their ability to lend a blue tint to ceramics, glass works or metal wear, the most common example being the blue and white porcelain prized by the Chinese during the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties. Today’s Caltech chemists are hoping to harness another property of cobalt...

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American Idol, CSI: NY to bring down carbon footprint with fuel cells

The carbon footprint of several top-rated U.S. shows is going down thanks to the installation of stationary fuel cell systems at two production locations of CBS Studios in California. Broadcasting network CBS is installing three stationary fuel cell systems each from Connecticut-based fuel cell company UTC Power at their CBS Studio Center in Studio City and CBS Television City in Los Angeles.


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Deadline for Request for Information for H-Prize extended to May 20

The United States Department of Energy Fuel Cell Technologies Program has extended the deadline for the Request for Information for topics and criteria for a potential second Hydrogen Prize competition. The Request for Information, originally released on March 20, 2012, is addressed to industry groups related to the technology development areas of production, distribution and utilization. The original deadline was April 20, 2012. The extension is until May 31, 2012.

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Catalyst developed to enable liquid hydrogen storage

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a new catalyst that can be tapped so that hydrogen can be stored and transported in its liquid form. The Brookhaven scientists, using iridium metal complexes, developed a catalyst that can effectively trigger the storage and release of hydrogen gas from liquid formic acid, a naturally occurring acid used as a preservative and antibacterial agent.


California company to produce hydrogen using wastewater, sunlight

A California-based company is developing the world’s first nanotechnology-based process for producing hydrogen and natural gas using sunlight. Conventional hydrogen technology splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, an expensive process. HyperSolar, which has been developing a technology to produce renewable hydrogen and natural gas using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, it has come up with a process of producing hydrogen by making nanoparticles function as one-way machines for detoxifying wastewater. This results in clean water, which is turned into hydrogen in the presence of sunlight.


Mobile operator to use hydrogen fuel backup system

A subsidiary of Consistel, the Singapore-based wireless network solutions provider, has just won a contract to provide hydrogen fuel cell power backup systems for a major telecom operator in Indonesia.


Scientists learn hydrogen-producing algae’s weak spot

Scientists at the University of Oxford have discovered how oxygen stops green algae from producing hydrogen, which could give rise to working “solar H2-farms” where micro-organisms could be harnessed to produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water


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