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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

AT&T, Bloom Energy continue partnership for fuel cell installations

Telecom giant AT&T is partnering with fuel cell technology company Bloom Energy to produce 17.1 megawatts of clean energy to power their facilities in California and Connecticut.

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The companies announced new installations of Bloom Energy’s Bloom Boxes – stacked fuel cells that convert air and natural gas into electricity – for their facilities. The new installations will total about 9.6 MW of emissions-free power.

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This new agreement builds on an initial contract between AT&T and Bloom Energy in July of 2011. The initial contract was for a total of 7.5 MW at 11 sites in California. The additional 9.6 MW to be installed for the new contract will result in 17.1 MW of power for 28 AT&T sites.

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Once fully operational, the Bloom Box installations are expected to provide more than 149 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually, or enough to power more than 13,680 homes.

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According to Bloom Energy, the use of their stacked fuel cell technology reduces carbon emissions by approximately 50 percent compared with the grid. Bloom Boxes also emit virtually no sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other harmful particulate emissions.

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AT&T is currently in the middle of transitioning away from depending mostly on fossil fuels through the purchase or commissioning of alternative energy sources. Aside from fuel cells, they are also looking into solar power and wind.

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The company has deployed nearly 3.9 MW of solar power installations and has contracted about eight more for this year and 2013. The company is also involved with Austin energy’s GreenChoice alternative energy program by which they will purchase wind power for 10 percent of their electricity consumption in their facilities in Austin, Texas. – EcoSeed Staff

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