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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

American Idol, CSI: NY to bring down carbon footprint with fuel cells

The carbon footprint of several top-rated U.S. shows is going down thanks to the installation of stationary fuel cell systems at two production locations of CBS Studios in California.

Broadcasting network CBS is installing three stationary fuel cell systems each from Connecticut-based fuel cell company UTC Power at their CBS Studio Center in Studio City and CBS Television City in Los Angeles.

The studios, which are used by CBS and other media outlets, produce top-rated shows such as the reality competitions American Idol and Dancing with the Stars; action and crime procedurals CSI: NY and NCIS; long running game show The Price is Right; and entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight.

The systems will produce a total of 2.4 megawatts of power, meeting 40 percent of the energy needs at Studio Center and 60 percent at Television City, while preventing the release of more than 2,370 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Thermal energy from the fuel cell systems will also be used to provide cooling for both studios, and will be used for space heating and domestic hot water at Television City.

UTC is providing their PureCell systems for the project, with the units scheduled to be delivered later this year.

A PureCell system is a combined heat and power system that can produce 400 kilowatts of electric power using natural gas to produce power without fossil fuel combustions.

The system is also equipped to capture and harness its own waste heat, to produce around 1.5 million British thermal units of heat per hour that can be used in water and space heating as well as cooling.

The PureCell System can be configured to operate independently from the electrical grid. Four of the systems to be installed by CBS will be configured this way, allowing them to provide backup power in case of blackouts or emergencies. – EcoSeed Staff

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