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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

5G Wireless/ Clean Energy and Power partners with Applied Hadronics to develop mobile hydrogen fuel refinery

Logo of 5G Wireless Communications, Inc./ Clean Energy and Power, Inc. Image courtesy of 5G Wireless Communications, Inc./ Clean Energy and Power, Inc.

5G Wireless Communications, which is in the process of renaming itself Clean Energy and Power, signed a strategic alliance agreement with Applied Hadronics to develop a mobile hydrogen-based fuel refinery to be powered by wind or solar power.

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The alliance will use Applied Hadronics’ expertise acquired from the development of its 50KW mobile magnegas refinery to help develop the mobile hydrogen system.

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Magnegas is produced by the Magnegas Corporation in a process that turns liquid waste such as sewage, sludge, manure, and certain oil-based liquid wastes into a natural gas alternative and metal cutting fuel. The fuel is created using Magnegas’ patented Plasma Arc Flow process that gasifies liquefied waste, creating a clean burning fuel that is interchangeable with natural gas, but with lower greenhouse gas emissions. The fuel has been used for heating, cooking, metal cutting, and powering bi-fuel automobiles.

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“In our effort to commercialize solar and wind energy, we now have a prototypical 50KW mobile magnegas refinery that can produce the hydrogen fuel committed to our project,” said 5G Wireless CEO Bo Linton. “Our attention will now focus on the next component of the process – the search for the best solar powered option to provide the electricity needed to power the unit. We invite solar technology providers with operating solar arrays to contact us about an alliance. Since the magnegas refinery and the needed feedstock are both intended to be mobile, we could bring them to an electrically compatible solar array, simply plug it in and produce hydrogen fuel on the spot. The results of this project will permit the scale up for a larger commercial effort based on this technology.”

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Applied Hadronics president Ronald Cole added, “Our goal at Applied Hadronics has been to develop practical ways to convert clean but intermittent sources of energy, such as wind and solar, to a form that is available 'on demand.' We anticipate a sharp increase in progress as a result of the synergy created by our strategic alliance with Magnegas Corporation and 5G Wireless."

Clean Energy and Power is the new name of 5 Wireless Communications, which announced its change of business focus on March 26. Clean Energy and Power is still listed on the OTCBB under 5G Wireless Communication’s symbol FGWC. The stock was down 4.35% on June 2, settling at 0.022.

Magnegas Corporation is focused solely on its liquid waste to fuel technology. It is listed on the OTCBB as MNGA. Its stock was down 20.59% at the end of the June 2 trading day, closing at $0.27.

Applied Hadronics was founded in 2006 with the purpose of creating businesses based on magnegas fuel.

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