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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 Conference to take place in Vancouver, Canada

Logo of the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 conference. Image courtesy of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009.

The international Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009 conference will be taking place this June 1st to June 3rd in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The site of conference will be the newly green-designed Vancouver Convention Centre.

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Over 1,000 international delegates are expected to attend Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2009. The conference will feature the latest developments in research, business, and government policy regarding hydrogen and next generation fuel cells.

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The event will be preceded by a convoy of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles that will cross the US-Canada border originating from San Diego, California. The hydrogen car convoy is expected to make it to the conference on June 3.

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The province of British Columbia (B.C.) will be showcasing its advancements in the hydrogen and fuel cell fields, with made-in-B.C. applications such as forklifts, stationary power generation, fuelling systems, backup power solutions, and portable products. British Columbia has one of the highest concentrations of hydrogen and fuel cell companies in the world. B.C. is also home to the B.C. Hydrogen Highway, one of the world’s largest hydrogen and fuel cell technology demonstration projects. Whistler, B.C. will operate 20 hydrogen buses during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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