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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogenics installs hydrogen-generating systems in two European hydrogen fuel stations

Company logo of Hydrogenics Corporation. Image courtesy
of Hydrogenics Corporation

Hydrogen fuel product developer, Hydrogenics Corporation, has announced that the company has installed two of its HySTAT electrolyzer hydrogen generating systems in two European hydrogen fueling stations.

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The HySTAT electrolyzer is based on water electrolysis and provides onsite hydrogen in multiple configurations to meet different industrial and energy needs. The HySTAT hydrogen generating system uses time-tested alkaline electrolysis technology that has been used to generate hydrogen for decades.

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Hydrogenics worked with its German partner, Heliocentris Fuel Cells AG, for the installation of the HySTAT electrolyzer in a hydrogen bus fueling station in Barth, Germany. The HySTAT electrolyzer will be used in conjunction with a solar-assisted gas generation system, which will provide zero-emission fueling for a hydrogen bus. The bus itself is also powered by Hydrogenics fuel cells, which was integrated by Heliocentris into the bus’ full electric hybrid powertrain. The gas generation system in the fueling station will also simultaneously provide oxygen for a municipal wastewater treatment facility.

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In Dunkirk, France, Hydrogenics will be providing its HySTAT electrolyzer to France’s first public hydrogen fueling station. The fueling station is currently operational with local buses running on a fuel blend of hydrogen and natural gas.
"Europe continues to be a leader in using hydrogen as a renewable energy resource, and we believe these stations are just the start of numerous applications that will be implemented throughout the region," said Hydrogenics president and CEO Daryl Wilson.

Hydrogenics Corporation is a developer of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products and services. The company is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with operations in North America and Europe. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as HYG and on the Nasdaq as HYGS. Its stock was down 1.75% on the TSX, closing at 0.560 on May 1. On the Nasdaq, its stock was down 1.96%, closing at 0.4804.

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