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Interest in cellulosic ethanol goes global

Many countries have begun to express interest in developing a commercial supply of cellulosic ethanol domestically because of its capability to significantly lower overall greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy security


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Perennial energy crops can reduce UK’s emissions – study

Researchers from the UK Research Council’s Rural Economy and Land Use Programme are recommending the growing of perennial energy crops such as willow and miscanthus grass to solve not only biomass needs but to reduce carbon emissions and benefit wildlife.


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Mascoma and CTV finalize processing and supply deal

Biofuels company Mascoma Corporation has entered into a two-year feedstock processing and lignin supply agreement with Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV)


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For its future security and economy: America turns to cellulosic ethanol

The cellulosic ethanol industry developed some new commercial scale plants in 2008 with the United States at the forefront followed by Canada and Europe. The US considers reducing their dependence on foreign oil an important policy. As such they are greatly interested in developing their


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New Generation Biofuels technology tapped for Canadian biofuel market

Eden Renewable Energy, LLC has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with renewable fuels provider New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NGBF) to obtain the exclusive license for NGBF’s biofuel technology for certain provinces in Canada. Under the terms of the LOI, EDEN will have the


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Foster Wheeler to build 55-MW biomass-fired boiler system for Polish utility

Foster Wheeler AG, an engineering and construction contractor, announced yesterday that a subsidiary of its Global Power Group has received a contract from Polish-utility ZE PAK S.A. for the construction of a 55-megawatt biomass-fired circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) boiler island for


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EXCLUSIVE: Alkol founder surprised at reception of its car fuel conversion system

Sometimes, the most innovative of ideas that could potentially change the world come in the most familiar of places. Take the case of Al Costa, founder and CEO of US-based Brazilian biofuel company Alkol, Inc. His company gave rise to the 1Hour Flex, a conversion system


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Solazyme to develop algae-based biofuels for US Navy

Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil production company and a leader in algal biotechnology, has signed a contract with the US Department of Defense (DoD) to research, develop and demonstrate commercial-scale production of algae-based advanced biofuel for the US Navy.


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UK company working with Maldivian government on biochar projects

UK-based biochar producer Carbon Gold has announced that it will be working on a series of biochar projects across the Maldivian archipelago. Biochar is a type of charcoal produced by heating biomass. Mixed with soil, biochar can lock up carbon for hundreds of years. The


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$2.72-million Australian grant to facilitate mass cultivation of algae biomass

A $2.74-million research grant was won by Algal Fuels Consortium (AFC) for developing microalgal mass cultivation systems to generate biomass from captured CO2 emissions. The grant for AFC, which came from the Australian Department of Resources Energy and Tourism’s


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