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Energy grasses can help reduce carbon emissions of Louisiana plant

NRG Energy has begun a pilot project to test switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum as renewable biomass fuels at its Big Cajun II electrical generating station in Louisiana


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OriginOil unveils new algae technology

OriginOil revealed on Wednesday a breakthrough technology for wastewater treatment facilities that utilizes a type of surface-mounted algae


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Freightliner to distribute Vision’s zero-emission hybrid trucks

Los Angeles Freightliner has been assigned as the authorized dealer of Vision Industries’ proprietary hydrogen hybrid truck within the Southern California territory


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Scottish paper mill replaces coal plant with biomass

British utility RWE Npower Renewables has signed a contract to build a 50-megawatt biomass plant for a Scotland-based paper maker that will enable it to reduce its carbon footprint by 72 percent


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Waste management firm breaks ground on new biomass plant

Waste Management, Inc, with McMinnville Water & Light, will construct a $10 million energy plant powered by garbage at its Riverbend landfill facility west of McMinnville, Oregon


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New bio-boiler replaces fuel with biomass

Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB will cut down on landfill waste expenses as they have invested in a new bio-boiler worth 35 million Sweden kronor ($5 million) to replace a conventional oil-run plant


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California firm to provide U.S. Navy with algae-based fuel

Solazyme, Inc. has been selected by the United States Department of Defense to provide what it claims to be the world’s first 100 percent algae-derived jet fuel for testing and certification next year


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Renewable energy company acquires major stake in biomass project

Otoka Energy Corporation’s acquisition of a majority stake in Buena Vista Biomass Development, LLC will pave the way for a strategic alliance on a renewable energy woody biomass project


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Biomass energy joint venture eyes Northeastern U.S. market

Homeland Renewable Energy, LLC and Laidlaw Biopower, LLC have entered a biomass energy joint venture that aims to establish itself in the Northeastern United States market


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Biofuel production could increase Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’

Scientists in Pennsylvania are reporting that boosting production of crops used to make biofuels could have a negative effect on efforts to decrease “dead zones” in the Gulf of Mexico


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