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Biogas pipeline all set for Dalian waste treatment plant

Pipes to deliver biogas from sludge treatment facility in Dalian, China has been completed


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BlueFire Ethanol recoups $ 3.8 million for biorefinery plant

BlueFire Ethanol Fuels receives $ 3.8 million reimbursement from Energy Department to develop second plant


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China-U.S. team plans for greener fuels

UOP and China National Petroleum will produce green transportation fuels using feedstocks available in China


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Largest Midwestern biomass plant given green light

Wisconsin approves Northern States Power Company’s proposal to construct a $ 58.1 million biomass plant


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Advanced biofuels will stoke global warming – study

A new generation of biofuels, meant to be a low-carbon alternative, will on average emit more carbon dioxide than burning gasoline over the next few decades, a study published in Science found on Thursday


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Indian company revives closed down biomass plant

Clenergen Corporation India has acquired a mothballed biomass power plant in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu which they plan to ramp up from 1.5 megawatts to 10MW by yearend


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Blue Marble Energy and Bionavitas to make special biochemicals

Two Washington-based renewable biochemical companies will combine their patented technologies to produce industrial biochemicals from microalgae


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ENER-G lands third biomass project in Lithuania

After lengthy competitive tenders, Manchester-based ENER-G emerged the winner of a contract to construct a new waste-to-energy power plant in Lithuania


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Crop based biofuel production could threaten U.S. prairielands

The unintended consequence of crop-based biofuels may be the loss of wildlife who call the grasslands of the United States homeThe unintended consequence of crop-based biofuels may be the loss of wildlife who call the grasslands of the United States home


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Healthy snack to be manufactured using biogas

PepsiCo India has installed a biogas plant to power fryer burners at its Frito-Lay manufacturing unit in Pune


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