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World’s first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant finds partner

Poet L.L.C.’s next business strategy, first revealed in 2009, is picking up pace following news yesterday of a joint venture with a Dutch food and chemicals company with whom it will produce ethanol using just corn stalks and cobs.


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OriginOil and Idaho National Laboratory developing algae fuel

OriginOil Inc. and Idaho National Laboratory decided to move forward from their research agreement last December to jointly develop technology that can extract fuel from algae. Their goal is to create a process called the “Biocrude System,” which will combine OriginOil’s algae oil extraction technology with the lab’s biomass processing technology to convert raw algae into renewable crude oil.


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U.K. biomass should be sustainable, not just renewable – groups

Environmental standards for imported wood used as fuel for biomass-fed power plants in Britain should be enforced to ensure that the energy type is a truly sustainable source of power, according a study from the Institute for European Environmental Policy.


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ArborGen, University of Florida produce biofuel from pine trees

ArborGen will work together with a University of Florida-led research team to develop biofuels based on pine wood funded by a three-year $6.3-million grant from the United States Department of Energy. ArborGen's role in project is to lend a hand in developing Loblolly pine that can produce 20 percent more turpene, a natural liquid biofuel isolated from pine trees.


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U.S. D.O.E. scientists identify plant gene for ethanol tolerance

After decades of studying a plant gene, scientists from the United States Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Science Center have discovered it can be manipulated to streamline the biofuel production process, ultimately leading to lower ethanol costs. The researchers from B.E.S.C., led by Steven Brown of the energy department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, identified a key gene in the microbe Clostridium thermocellum that allows it to tolerate high concentrations of ethanol.


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A.D.B. will help Greater Mekong region use more biomass

The Asian Development Bank will provide funding to boost the use of biomass waste from the agricultural sector to meet the growing needs of countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion for cleaner energy. The G.M.S., is composed of Cambodia, the People's Republic of China, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. A.D.B. recently approved a regional technical assistance project backed by funding worth $4 million from the Nordic Development Fund.


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Sugarcane grown for fuel cools Brazil's climate

WASHINGTON, April 17 (Reuters) - Sugarcane grown to power Brazil's cars and trucks as an alternative to climate-warming fossil fuels has a beneficial side effect: it also cools the local air temperature, scientists reported Sunday. Researchers warned that this does not mean replacing Amazon forest or other natural vegetation with sugarcane fields. The benefit comes when sugarcane is introduced into existing agriculture, replacing pasture land or crops like soybeans.


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U.S.-grown algae can yield 21 billion gallons of algae oil – P.N.N.L.

A study conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that growing algae in choice United States regions can allow for the production of 21 billion gallons of algae oil. The study is an in-depth assessment of the United States’ algal biofuel potential with respect to water and land availability.


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Bio-kerosene flight to make European debut

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will send off Europe’s first demonstration passenger flight fuelled by bio-kerosene


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Ukraine awaits first biomass cogeneration project

Alter Energy Group expects to commission Ukraine’s first biomass combined heat and power plant soon


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