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Ethanol sales in Brazil on the rise - UNICA

Ethanol sales in Brazil on the rise - UNICA
Ethanol sales going up, consumption expected to increase

According to the UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, ethanol sales in the region are on the rise – a strong indication that the consumers are realizing the benefits that they are getting from the clean fuel.

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In the South Central region of the country, ethanol sales by mills went up to 2.08 billion liters this May, up by 27.85 percent from April’s figures which only totaled at 1.63 billion liters. Comparing the ethanol sales of May 2013 to last year’s figures of the same month, there was a 25.47 percent increase from 1.66 billion liters.

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When it comes to the domestic sales of anhydrous ethanol this May, figures went up by 38.64 percent compared to April’s sales, totaling at 769.69 million liters. This increase in the number is due to the Brazilian government increasing the country’s ethanol blend rate to 25 percent from 20 percent since the start of May.

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Domestic sales of hydrous ethanol in the market this May went up to 1.06 billion liters, an increase of 5.58 percent from the previous month and an increase of 7.91 percent from that of May 2012 which was at 979.27 million liters.

“The advantage of filling up with ethanol is already being seen in several parts of the country,” said UNICA technical director Antonio de Padua Rodrigues.

To prove the benefits of ethanol, Mr. Rodrigues cited a survey conducted by the A.N.P., or the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels, which showed that around 94 percent of service stations in Sao Paulo, for example, had its hydrous ethanol price displayed at 70 percent lower than the price of gasoline.

“Hydrous ethanol consumption should continue rising in coming weeks since the biofuel is price-competitive with gasoline in a good portion of the Brazilian market,” Mr. Rodrigues said in Ethanol Producer Magazine. – EcoSeed Staff

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